Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pine Cone- exciting!

Pine Cone

SupermanX with colors

 and... this is what he looks like with color. I took the inked version from the previous post then added color and made up a background. I did the whole thing in Illustrator, which is probably not the best way. I think people get better results in Photoshop. I will probably try that myself next time. Like I said before- it's all a learning process. I think, just the documenting of it is a good step to help gauge my progress.

SupermanX -sketch to inks-

So... this is SupermanX. He is not a character of my own design. He is from the Legion of Superheroes Cartoon. I tried to do a version with a nod towards Kirby. Hence, the oversized hands, random shadowing, and square jaw. This was basically a documentation of my learning process. I started with a quick three minute sketch- progressed into my first pass with inks, and the came through with final inks. Definitely still learning. Not bad- but not too astounding either.